Kit – Build Your Own AirBed

The Original Air Bed in a Box – Please visit youtube for any public questions

Making your own air bed with an air mattress, reinforcing cover, toppers, and a hypoallergenic outer cover. It’s more comfortable and a fraction of the cost. While you watch this video think about those numbered beds and what they cost you. The larger the number, the thicker the foam. That is it! You literally will pay an additional $1000 for adding 3″ of very inexpensive foam to the bed manufacturer. By far though, the most important part of this video is the Tensioned Mattress Cover. It is the reason you can put together a top of the line AirBed with superior comfort and will outlast any competition, at a fraction of the cost!


Reinforced AIR – Foundation

The most important aspect of this air bed assembly. It is the reinforced air mattress by what we call THE TENSIONED MATTRESS COVER. The air mattress comes with a built in motor for ease of use and perfect for every day use. What you will discover is the air lasts 10 fold longer when the tensioned cover surrounds it.

Comfort Layers – The Toppers

Years of testing and we’ve come up with the ideal comfort layers. It is a solid 2″ of memory gel foam and 2″ of convoluted gel memory foam atop for breathability (coolness).

The Mattress Encasement – Hypoallergenic Cover

To wrap up your brand new AirBed we have included a durable hypoallergenic 6 sided cover to accommodate the air mattress built in motor as well as the power cord. Put the mattress right on a platform frame, no need for a box spring.

Typical Competitor Pricing Structure

16″ AirBed Kit


Just Interested in the Tensioned Mattress Cover?


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